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Model 77 Bale Lifting Tong-Standard Pressure

Price: $10,655.00

Model Number: 77-1/2-36

1/2 ton capacity, 36" bail width

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Standard Pressure Type


bale liting tongs PRODUCT FEATURES:
Lifts bales of paper, cotton, and other materials.
Wide gripping surface for load stability.
Includes auto-latching mechanism for one person
Designed and manufactured to ASME B30.20.
See below pricing table for general information on
Lifting Tongs.

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Rated Cap.
In Tons
Unit Height
Pad Dim's Weight
Width Height
77-1/2-36 1/2 36 52 18 9 280
77-1/2-48 1/2 48 56 18 9 300
77-1-36 1 36 52 18 9 280
77-1-48 1 48 56 18 9 300

lifting tongs Lifting Tongs are designed and manufactured to customer
load specifications. Optional is an automatic latching device.
All Lifting Tongs are designed and manufactured to
conform with ASME B30.20 standards.
Lifting tongs are available in three configurations.
gripping lifting tongs for tubes rolls cylindrical materials
1. GRIPPING - Grab arms conform to load surface with outside
    diameter supported below center of load for additional holding
Designed to lift such products as rolls, tubes, and other
cylindrical materials.
pressure lifting tongs for boxes bales ingots
2. PRESSURE - Grab arms grip vertical sides of straight sided
    materials. Custom grip pads are required to have sufficient
    coefficient of friction between material lifted and grip pads. Grip
    pads may be rubber, steel, belting, points and other.
Designed to lift such products as bales, boxes, ingots, and
other straight sided materials.
Standard tongs for bales and slabs are shown above and also
see Model 71 - Slab Tongs section.
supporting lifting tongs for boxes contianers crates
3. SUPPORTING - Grab arms have feet to support underneath load.
    Designed to handle constant sizes of material to maintain a
    horizontal plane on the lifting feel. Dunage under material required
    to insert/remove feet of tong.
Designed to lift constant sized boxes, containers, crates, and
other constant sized square shaped material.
Standard Tongs for dies see Model 70 - Die Lifting Tongs section.

Application Ideas for Gripping Tongs...
to lift rolls, tubes, and cylindrical materials
gripping lifting tongs for round bars tubes or rolls
This GRIPPING TONG is used to lift cylindrical objects
such as large diameter round bar, tube or rolls of material.
We have integrated both a manual latch or the autolatch
mechanism into this family of tongs. The selection of the
latch is dependent on the application.
gripping lifting tongs for longer loads
This GRIPPING TONG is designed to handle longer loads
and loads that may be more susceptible to damage. The
longer contoured pads used on the tong arms even the
pressure on the lifted item. This would be useful when lifting
rolls of fabric or polyethylene film. The pads could be lined
with a material such as nylon or rubber and used to lift brass
bar or machined parts without the potential for damage that
may occur if using slings or forklifts.
lifting tongs for long lengths
This GRIPPING TONG is designed to pick up long lengths
of round bar or bundles of steel that are approximately
round in shape. The narrow gripping arm will engage the
lifted item with significant pressure.
Applications Ideas for Pressure Tongs...
to lift bales, boxes, ingots, and other straight sided materials
lifting tongs for bales boxes ingots
PRESSURE TONGS can be used to lift objects that have
sufficient structure and density that they will not be damaged
by the application of significant lateral force. An example of
this is the concrete highway barriers and steel ingots.
pressure tongs

They can also be used in situations where the lifted item can
accommodate a gripping action that may indent the sides of the
load. Cotton and cardboard bales are a good example of loads
that can be lifted with a PRESSURE TONG even though they
are not rigid.

lifting tongs rubber steel belting points
Custom Pads available
Special materials

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