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Kaleidoscope Collection XL Recycling Receptacles

Price: $665.50

Model Number: RC-KD36 Dimensions: 18.25"W x 18.25"D x 35.5"H

Square Receptacle.


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monte carlo waste receptacles

The 'Monte Carlo'
Waste Receptacles

41 Gallon Flat Steel
Waste Containers

The 'New Yorker'
Waste Receptacles


Capri Waste Receptacles

The 'Capri'
Waste Receptacles

Atlantis Waste Receptacles
Polysteel 32 Gallon Receptales

The 'Atlantis'
Waste Receptacles

Mount Everest waste Receptacles
Landscape Series Perforated Trash Receptacles

The 'Mount Everest'
Waste Receptacles

Wall MounteS ash/trash/waste Receptacles
Streetscape Series Receptacles

Wall Mounted

Canopy Top waste receptacles Steel Trash Receptacles

"Canopy Top" All Weather
Wastemaster Collection


Donut Top wastemaster  receptacles 30 Gallon Classic Waste Container

The "Donut Top"
Wastemaster Collection


Umbrella Stands
38 Gallon Metal Trash Container

Umbrella Stands,
Wastebaskets and Planters

Wydman Collection

38 Gallon Metal
Trash Container

RecyclePro Receptacles

Receptacle Collection



stainless steel trash receptacles
Metal Waste Container

International Collection
Trash Receptacle

Stadium Series
Standard Receptacles

Metal Waste Container

Infrared Trash Can
  steel slat waste continer

Infrared Trash Can


WS-302 Steel Slat
Waste Container
with Concrete Base

flared steel waste continer
Premier Series Stainless Steel Waste Receptacles
drum steel waste continer
Steel Recycling Receptacle




Restroom Fundamentals








Galvanized Cans and Pails

Value WasteMaster
Collection Receptacles

18" Half Round
"Profile" Receptacles

Galvanized Cans and Pails


manual trash compactor

24" Half Round
"Profile" Receptacles

Disinfecting Wipe
Dispensers & Waste

Manual Trash Compactor


RecyclePro Value
Connected Recycling

RecyclePro 24" Half
Round Profile Receptacles




Sanitizing Wipe
Dispenser Receptacles
and Towel Companion

Venue Collection™
Recycling & Waste




Metro Collection
Recycling Receptacles




recycling receptacle kaleidoscope collection recycling receptacles

Recycling Receptacles

Kaleidoscope Collection
Recycling Receptacles

Rubbermaid Weathergard
Series Containers


Our company is a broad line distributor of material handling equipment such as Metal Trash Receptacles, Trash Receptacles,
and Waste Receptacles. In addition, our knowledgeable and friendly staff specializes in Ash Receptacles, Litter Receptacles,
Galvanized Cans, Garbage Receptacles, Refuse Containers, Industrial Trash Cans, Medical Waste Receptacle, Park Trash
Cans, Sani Cans, Sanitary Napkin Receptacles, Smokers Urns, Steel Trash Receptacles, Step Cans, Trash Containers,
and Waste Containers.