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Model Number: 75-8 Dimensions: For 1 1/2" Schedule 40 Pipe Size

A collar commonly used to support another Kee Klamp fitting of the latter is required to be left untightened (ie on gate
hinges). Type 75 is also useful when loading on a structure exceeds the maximum permitted slip load for a socket set
screw, as it gives extra support.



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type 10 single socket tee type a10 split single socket tee type 12 45 degree single socket tee type a12 45 degree split single socket tee type 14 straight coupling
type 15 90 degree elbow type 16 clamp-on tee type 17 clamp-on crossover type 18 internal coupling type 19 adjustable outlet tee
type 20 side outlet elbow type 21  90 degree side outlet tee type a21 split 90 degree side outlet tee type 25 three type 26 two socket cross
type a26 split two socket cross type 29 30 to 60 degree single socket tee type 30 30 to 45 adjustble cross type 35 three socket cross type a35 split 3 socket cross
type 40 four socket cross type a40 split four socket cross type 45 crossover type a45 split crossover type 46 combination socket tee & crossover
type f50 female single swivel socket member type m50 male single swivel socket member type mh50 male single horizontal swivel socket member type p50 offset single tab panel w/slot
type c50 single swivel socket
type c51 double swivel socket type m51 male double swivel socket member type mh51 male double horizontal swivel member type p51 offset double tab panel w/slot type c52 corner swivel socket member
Type MH51
Male Double Horizontal
Swivel Member
type m52 male corner swivel socket member type bc53 swivel elbow type 55 obtuse angle elbow type 56 acute angle elbow type p57 single tab panel
type c58 swivel flange type m58 base plate type 60 extra heavy flange type 61 flange type 62 standard railing flange
type 63 angle base flange type 64 standard vertical railing base type 65 standard horizontal railing base type 66 ground socket type 67 angle flange
type 68 wall flange type 69 rail flange w/toe adapter type 70 rail support type 71 weather cap type 75 collar
type 76 hook type 78 eye fitting type 79 sheeting clip type 81 single sided clip
type 82 double sided clip type 83 pin fitting type 84 malleable plug type 86 angle tee type 87 angle elbow
Type 83
Pin Fitting
type 88 three socket angle tee type 89 two socket angle cross type 97 set screw type 99 hex key type 100 plastic set screw cap
type 105 sheeting clip w/o hardware type 114 swivel tee type 115 wall flange type 121 corner crossover type 145 crossover coupling
type 98 ratchet