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Slide Rack Base

Price: $73.40

Model Number: 315B-95 Dimensions: 15-1/2"W x 12-1/8"D x 15-1/8"H

fits 306B, 307B, 308B

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bench racks giant open hopper storage units all welded bin cabinets
48" & 60" wide all welded bin cabinets

Bench Racks, Louvered
Panel, Rail and Louvered
Rack Complete Package

Giant Open Hopper
Storage Units

Heavy-Duty 48" & 60"
Wide All-Welded Bin

all welded bin cabinets economy shelf bins sloped shelving units giant open hopper wire shelving systems
clear tip out bin floor stands

Heavy-Duty 72" Wide
All-Welded Bin Cabinets

Economy Shelf Bins
Sloped Shelving Units

Clear Tip Out Bin Floor
Stands Single, Double
and Mobile

specialty bin cabinets heavy duty steel units with hulk 24" containers chrome wire units with huld 24" containers
giant stack container storage center

Heavy Duty 36" & 48"
Specialty Bin Cabinets

Heavy-Duty Steel Units
with Hulk 24" Containers

Giant Stack Container
Storage Center

giant stack containers wire storage center 30" and 36" deep hulk bin shelving units magnum bin units complete packages
sloped shelving systems with euro drawers

Giant Stack Containers
Wire Storage Center

30" and 36" deep Hulk
Bin Shelving Units

Sloped Shelving Systems
with Euro Drawers

shelving systems with euro drawers shelf bin shelving systems complete packages with bins Shelf bin wire shelving systems
store-more shelf bin shelving systems

Shelving Systems with
Euro Drawers

Shelf Bin Shelving Systems
Complete Packages
with bins!

Store-More Shelf Bin
Shelving Systems

interlocking storage cabinets interlocking storage cabinet floor stands mobile rail carts
organizational systems

Interlocking Storage

Interlocking Storage
Cabinet Floor Stands

Organizational Systems

quickpick bins & wire shelving systems clear tip out bin systems louvered rack systems
louvered panels & bench racks

QuickPick Bins &
Wire Shelving Systems

Clear Tip Out
Bin Systems

Louvered Panels &
Bench Racks

bins transport & sloped shelf trucks cantilever wall mount chrome wire shelving with bins
wire shelving systems

Bins Transport Trucks

Cantilever Wall Mount
Complete Packages

Chrome Wire Shelving
System with Clear-View
Dividable Grid Containers

clear tip out bin rails & frames wire shelving system rack bin containers
stackable shelf bins

Clear Tip Out Bin
Rails & Frames

High Density
Wire Systems

Stackable Shelf Bins

sloped shelving system mesh and solid security cabinets hd welded cabinets clearview doors
steel welded cabinets

Store-More Shelf Bin
Sloped Shelving System

Extra Heavy Duty
Lockable Double Shift
Storage Cabinets

Cabinets With Bins
and Shelves

plastic bin & shelf welded cabinets solid doors
plastic bin welded cabinets solid doors
plastic bin shelf cabinets solid doors
plastic bin & shelf cabinets 4" deep door cabinets w/plastic bins all welded storage cabinets

Ventilated Cabinets With
Bins and Shelves

Extra Heavy Duty Bin

Clear Tip Out Bin Spinner

12" deep parts bins & accessories 9" deep parts bins & accessories tall bins
plastic drawer cabinets

12" Deep Parts Bins
& Accessories

9" Deep Parts Bins
& Accessories

Plastic Drawer Cabinets

large compartment boxes small compartment boxes wall & bench cabinets
mobile bench cabinet

Large Compartment Boxes

Small Compartment Boxes

Wall & Bench Cabinets

Mobile Bench Cabinet

Mobile Bin Storage Carts
(1,200 lb. Capacity)

All-Welded Deep Door
Cabinets with Removable

14 Gauge Customizable

Extra Heavy Duty
Lockable Maintenance

rotabin revolving shelf units rotabin revolving shelf units
17 inch rotabin revolving shelf units

Rotabin Revolving
Shelf Units

34/28 inch Rotabin
Revolving Shelf Units

17 inch Rotabin
Revolving Shelf Units

vertical con-tur literature racks rotary con-tur literature racks
oak magazine wall racks oak magazine floor racks oak literature displays rotating oak display racks

Oak Literature

oak & acrylic literature displays oak & acrylic wall racks oak chart and file racks
oak & acrylic literature racks

Oak & Acrylic
Literature Displays

Oak & Acrylic
Wall Racks

Oak & Acrylic
Literature Racks

specialty racks coffee and end tables  

Coffee and End Tables

Wire Post Baskets &
Mobile Units


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